The Traveller

Eccentric and fun.  A classic escape game to develop your team's skills. 

The Savoy


Immersive and hi-tech.  Find the vaccine and escape the laboratory.  

The Savoy


Absolute authenticity.  Only teamwork can free you from the old cells.

Dunedin Prison


A blockbuster of a challenge.  Can you capture the love-struck double-agent? 

Dunedin Prison

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The Savoy

Eccentric fun  

A Dunedin local has asked for your help in The Octagon today.

"I'm off on a quick trip," she explained, "would you look in on my little Lockie?"

"You'll only need to feed him once."

Lockie, a Madagascan tree snake, is just one of the obscure objects which await you in 'The Traveller.'

Will you become snake food, or will you win your freedom?

The classic escape game - excellent for first timers 


The Savoy

Hi-tech and immersive

The year is 1990. A mistake in a NATO laboratory causes pandemic in Europe.

The world’s best biochemists are brought to safety in Aotearoa to develop a vaccine.

But it’s no conference.  They’re locked in a laboratory hidden in the depths of Dunedin.

Death or success will be their only way out.  

Can your team of scientists finish the job without contracting the virus?

Get your lab coats on for Contagion


Dunedin Prison

Work as a team to escape the old cells

The year is 1916, and at the height of WWI the conscription debate divides New Zealand.

You’ve been overheard saying you’d sooner carry stretchers than rifles.

Arrested on suspicion of ‘pacifism’, you’ve been taken to the cells.

But you’re not alone.  You’ve got friends inside.

Can you break out of North Wing and redeem your freedom?

Get your handcuffs on for Redemption


Dunedin Prison

A blockbuster of a game  

It’s 1963 and the Cold War just got colder.

The KGB searches Antarctica for missile sites.

The CIA watches from a satellite station hidden deep in a prison.

Crisis one: Station Chief Natasha has reprogrammed the satellites to crash.

Crisis two:  She’s set the tracking station to self-destruct.

Crisis three:  She’s still inside.  

Is this suicide?  Or worse … espionage!

Our toughest escape - first timers beware