Escape business class 

Are you looking for a unique team building activity?  Live escape games are the answer!

So many corporate teams have enjoyed successful Escape Dunedin experiences ...

What is a live escape game?

Live escape team building activities make teams communicate to solve challenges.  

Your team must use their combined abilities under the pressure of time ticking away.

Why Escape Business Class?

Escape Dunedin enables team building activity in a variety of ways: 

  • You organise one or more teams of 2-6 people.  

  • We put up to 20 people through our four game rooms at the same time.  

  • Or we can put multiple teams through the same game one after the other, allowing them to 'compete' on escape times.
  • We can cater for even larger groups, over a day or within a shorter time with the help of our local partners.

In the heart of Dunedin's CBD, you have a wide choice of pre- or post-game dining options.  Or ask us about on-site catering.

When booking two or more rooms, Escape Business Class offers you exclusive use of our facilities and a tailored experience.

How will this benefit my team?

Escape games are specifically designed to encourage teams to cooperate and succeed.

We guarantee you'll reveal new team talents while building a sense of shared purpose and achievement.

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